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Abercrombie North Dakota girls pussies Abercrombie North Dakota

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Abercrombie on the Red River. However, because the area was prone to flooding, it was reestablished in on a high west bank of the Red River, north of the original location.

The purpose of the fort was to guard the oxcart trails utilized by fur traders, military supply wagon trains, stagecoach routes, and steamboat traffic on the Red River.

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The post also served as a supply base for two major gold-seeking expeditions across Dakota into Montanabecoming a hub for the transportation route through the northern plains. During the Dakota War ofthe post was besieged by Sioux warriors for more than six weeks in August and September.

Army soldiers had been withdrawn to fight in the Civil War and the post was manned by the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. During the siege, several soldiers were killed and wounded.

During these attacks, the fort was not protected by blockhouses or a palisade during the siege; however, they were soon built afterwards. The fort was abandoned in and most of the fort buildings were sold and removed from the site.

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The town of Abercrombie, North Dakota was founded a half mile west in In ; however, the Works Progress Administration WPA reconstructed three blockhouses and the stockade and returned the original military guardhouse to the site. Today, the site features a small museum, one original and two reconstructed blockhouses, original guardhouse, and the palisade Dajota.

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Self-guided tours of the Abercrombue facilities are open year-round at no charge. The museum is open Thursday through Monday from May 16 through September 15 with a small admission charge.

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